Snappy catch phrase: "Memphis Meets Chapel Hill"

Sometime circa April-May 1996 three acquaintances met with the germinal plan of making the best press release ever - one so good that they would become instant celebrities.


Ian, Jason, and Prasun quickly hit on the unique idea of starting a musical troupe that would appeal to the prevailing tastes of the youth of today: they started a blues band. Although they grooved like molasses down your thigh, they soon realized that the youths (AKA the kids) were not so interested in this genre.


They did research and came up with influences such as Gland Branca, Loafers of March, Big Starrs, and Volvo. (It should be noted that since then, unbeknownst to each other, all three members have continued to listen to old blues records and lie awake at night overwhelmed by guilt.)


They recruited the help of a deranged sound engineer. He detained them over 3 days in July at the Holy Trinity Church in Iron Hill, Quebec assuring them that recording in this church would make for an astounding press release. At first they feared the 11 original songs they'd created were killing the bats that kept falling from the church rafters and clinging to them. They soon realized that, in fact, the bats loved the music but were dying from the noxious fumes of a "bat bomb" set off by the church elders the day before their arrival.


It was not long after that Prasun was momentarily possessed by Carlos Montoya while choking on a greasy tofu dog at Lafleursª Restaurant. He chanted "My friends, me on guitar rather than bass will help us with our press release...especially with los effects-pedals!" During the ensuing (wo)man-hunt for a new bassist (and 4th member) they recorded 2 more songs and entered them in a Spring 1997 Montreal Mirrorª Magazine competition and WON(!!!!!) a trip to The Canadian Music Week festival. Phase I of world media domination was sealed after they hit Pete (perverse bassist for Blinker the Star) over the head with a frying pan, and he woke up as Petey-P, the lean-mean-g-string-plucking bass player for JR.


These boys, having returned to the "bat"-church, have released a five song ep on Red Room Records called "Church Recordings II" (being played on your finer college radio stations) that serves up only a smidgen of their range. They remain musical prostitutes fueled by the desire for a bombastic press release. They are presently gigging around their native Montreal area in search of bigger and better press releases. For more information about Jack Rustle please contact Jason at (514) 286-2827.

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